Open Forum1 min read

Open Forum1 min read

If you have a problem to solve and you’re looking for ideas, or maybe you want to challenge me to start a blog series on a new problem that you think we should tackle, please comment here!

I encourage any students with interests or questions about any engineering or science field to inquire here. I can at least encourage you with tips on where to look for information and guidance. In some cases I might have some direct experience to share. At a minimum I can offer some encouragement!



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  1. Hello Mr. Mike Timmons,
    I am Minh Thuan, a undergraduate student from VietNam. I’m learning mechanical engineering and having a undergraduate thesis about “controlling hover a quadrotor”.
    Thanks you very much for your helpful blog, could you do me a favor by guiding me to build the structure of content that i need to know in order to understand and able to control this quadrotor.
    Hope to see your reply soon.
    (I’m sorry if my english is not good enough!)
    Minh Thuan.

    1. Hello Minh! I am happy to help you. I recommend you start with my blog post from Sept 13 (simplified model). There you will also see reference to a paper by “Bouabdallah” that I have found most useful. Then I would look at my post from October 12 where I design a “controller” for the pitch (and roll) axes.

      1. Thank you for your reply Mr. Mike Timmons, I really appreciate your help. I will get back with “Quadrotor” later because my Prof tells me that I need to pay attention with brushless DC motor controller. Finally, I want to say thank you again for sharing your knowledge, Your blog is helping me a lot.

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